Bach & Brew

NEXT CONCERT: September 25th, 7 PM

Tenri Cultural Center

Saturday, September 25, 2020 at 7 PM
(between 5th and 6th Ave)

Music by: Bach, Corelli, Rachmaninov, Bartok, Koskelin and Part

Katha Zinn, violin
Illya Filshtinskiy, piano
with special guest
Gleb Kanasevich, clarinet

Homebrewed beer, ginger ale, and kombucha.
Drinks are FREE while they last.
Suggested donation for the concert is $20 per person, kids half-price.


Bach and Brew is a concert series for the 21st Century.  There, we said it.  But the real question is: what exactly is a concert for the 21st Century?  

Well, we find in these times- that our cities, and our life here in the U.S.A., is not nearly as saturated in the arts as- maybe, in the past.  It’s a bit of a cliché thing, but especially in these post-covid times, arts and music are the farthest things from our government’s minds.  So it’s up to us, the little people, to bring the music back to you: in an accessible, small setting; where communication between the audience and performers are encouraged; where children are more than welcome.  And of course, where the beer flows!

Concerts consist of music ranging from Bach to Corelli, to Cage or Glass.  The works could be chamber music or solo, and we often include guest artists in our programming.  Home brewed beer, kombucha and ginger ale are served throughout the concert.


Home-brew is exactly what it sounds like: beverages, brewed at home.  Although when you mention it in conversation, it almost always means beer.  

Illya has been brewing beer for eight years, right in our apartment.  We are self-identified beer nerds, so if you have questions about the brews you’re drinking at the concert- ask away!  This means we can tell you what style you’re drinking, what sort of hops create that specific aroma, what a master cicerone is, and why IPAs are overrated (though still delicious.). With every new program, we brew a batch- or two- of beers that were inspired by the program.  So why not try an ‘On the Town’ Kolsch, or a ‘Contrasts’ IPA?  

Not into alcohol?  Or maybe you’re one of our students and really shouldn’t be drinking yet?  Never fear: kombucha and ginger ale are always- or sometimes- available.


Although people drink plenty of beer, they don’t do it enough while listening to classical music.  When was the last time you sat back with a beer, turned on a recording, and simply listened?  Remember back when we were kids, when you’d sit on the floor next to the stereo, maybe with a friend- and you’d sit back with your legs crossed under you and say, ‘Wait, it’s coming up- listen to that.’

And that’s what we’re trying to bring back.  Not only for adults, but for all the kids who’ve never gotten to spend a few hours without a screen in their face.  


Great!  No tickets necessary, just come!  Suggested donation is $20, $10 for kids, by cash, check, or venmo.   We’re excited to see you there!