These books are designed to capture the students’ imagination by outlining the story of our little alien, Toogo, and his adventures on Earth. We worked closely with our illustrator, Eri Ikuno, to seize the essence of each piece and create its visual representation. The illustrations depict Toogo’s escapades- his flight to Earth, a tangle with monkeys, and his wild escape from a mysterious temple, to name a few. Our goal is that the students will truly have fun with this book, not only because of the subject matter, but because of the interesting techniques introduced in each piece. We hope you will enjoy this book, and that it will be a wonderful aid in your musical studies.

Toogo’s Adventures on Earth

Piano Version: $20

Toogo, piano method book

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Toogo, violin, method book

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Toogo’s New York Adventure

Toogo in New York book cover
Read “Toogo and the Secret Borough”, a story by Katha Zinn

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Toogo Goes Home

In “Toogo Goes Home”, the students will expand on the techniques that they have learned in our first book, “Toogo’s Adventures on Earth”. The last book saw Toogo escaping from a magical temple deep in the Amazon Rainforest. Now, he’s spent a good amount of time vacationing, and has decided it is time to go home. Check out the new book for a more challenging and exciting piano experience, and be sure to take a look at Toogo’s story to help you along the way!

Piano Version: $25

Toogo, piano book

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Violin Version: $30

Toogo, violin method book

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