aTonalHits in Vancover

On March 21, aTonalHits, Katha Zinn and Illya Filshtinskiy will make their Vancover debut in the World Art Centre. They will perform works by leading Canadian composers, Ana Sokolovic and Denis Gougeon, as well as 20th century masterpieces by Alfred Schnittke, Sofia Goubaidulina, Galina Ustvolskaya, and John Adams. There will also be a special premiere by an uprising young composer, Remy Siu.

John Adams, "China Gates"

Please take five minutes to view our latest video project.
I find that art often creates itself, under your guiding hand. What flows forth is not known until it has crystallized under your very nose.

When I began to work on this project, what was really guiding me was the relentless roll of Adams' music. The film began to emulate this motion by grasping at images of our cities in the constant flux and sway of culture. Destruction, resurrection, and our inexorable climb towards the trending greatness- this began to peek from the holes left unguarded by time.

In retrospect, I find that art simply channels it's way through me- often enough, my mind will create something I am not even looking at. I stand back to appreciate the full value of a subconscious at work.

The film emulates this motion with images of our cities in the constant flux of culture- its destruction and resurrection, its inexorable climb towards the trend of greatness.

aTonalHits newest album "1910-1920"

Our newest recording, "1910-1920", is a collection of both violin and piano and piano solo works from this time period. The nature of the music from 1910-1920 was directly influenced by its political climate. You will hear all manner of adjectives in this music- from heroic and revolutionary to ecstatic, unsettling, and agitated. The album includes these works:

Debussy Sonata for Violin and Piano

Janacek Sonata for Violin and Piano

Webern Four Pieces for Violin and Piano

Roslavets Sonata No. 2 for Violin and Piano

Schoenberg Op. 19, Six Little Pieces for Piano

Scriabin Sonata No. 10 for Piano Solo and Vers La Flamme

Roslavets Two Poems for Piano Solo

Personally, we think that's a pretty awesome selection. We brought these pieces together into one album in order to emphasize what amazing strides European composers were taking into very different directions of music during one short period of time.

Kafka's Process with Kentridge

A short animation that was inspired by Kafka's "process", and South African artist William Kentridge.

aTonalHits in Montreal

We are very pleased to have played on November 15th in La Chapelle Historique du Bon-Pasteur in Montreal to a wonderful turnout. aTonalHits presented a program of Eastern European and French-Canadian new music, with works of Schnittke, Ustvolskaya, Part, Denis Gougeon, Maxime McKinley, and a premier of Jean Lesage's "Portrait of a Sentimental Musician in a Distorting Mirror". The program consisted of six pieces- each Eastern European work paired with a new French-Canadian work. It was a pleasure to work with these three composers, and a great experience to have been able to play in this famous (and seriously funky) hall.