Origins: aTonalHits plays New Music

Coming to you on January 1, 2015

On this album, we wanted to bring new music that was written specifically for us to new audiences- the Origins of these works have been placed into our hands. We are honored to breathe life into such compelling music. Thank you again to our brilliant composers: Kenichi Ikuno, Gleb Kanasevich, Ruud Roelofsen, Eugene Birman

aTonalHits perform @ Liederkranz Hall

Free but contact us for reservations.

December 21, 2014. Music by Brahms, Adams, Ives, Ikuno

Toogo's Violin Adventures on Earth

To create Toogo's Violin Adventures, I adapted the music from the Piano Adventures to stay true to the drawings, while still integrating fun learning devices for the violin. The book begins with "The Moon", which works mostly with open strings. The pieces then begin to wend their way through changing meters, different bowing techniques, basic double stops, and glissandos. While this may be a somewhat unorthodox method of starting students, I have found that it really keeps kids interested and intent on learning. I hope you will enjoy this new edition of Toogo's Adventures!

Ives Sonata No. 2 for Violin & Piano

Filmed and recorded at Avaloch Farm

We would like to thank Avaloch Farm for making this video possible. During the residency in which we were filming, the New England setting of Avaloch was perfect for Ives's music. The time of year could not have been better, as the fall colors were spectacular, complimenting the first movement, "Autumn", beautifully. The abundance antique farming equipment scattered around the campus of Avaloch were ideal tools for stop motion animation, and consequently made their way into the second movement, "In the Barn". And the beautiful sunsets and sunrises worked perfectly for The last movement, "The Revival", found its' voice in the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets of New England. We couldn't be happier with the outcome, and are extremely grateful to Avaloch Farm for allowing us to putter around the property, violin and camera in tow!