Toogo Goes Home

The sequel to "Toogo's Piano Adventures on Earth" needs your help! For more information please click here.

Concerts in Mexico City

Music by Kenichi Ikuno and others

Katha and Illya are visiting Mexico City for the first time to play two concerts on August 12th and 15th. They will be performing music by Janacek, Schnittke, Scriabin, Molina, and Ikuno.

Grasping at Perception

"Metamorphosis of a Piano" & "Riddle on a Wire"

Our newest film envelopes that daunting feeling all musicians have on approaching a new work of music. What is this piece? What does it mean to me? What was the composer thinking? How do I convey the experience of living a piece of music, for months at a time, to an audience?
When we approached John Cage's 'Sonatas and Interludes' and Gubaidulina's 'Dancer on a Tightrope', this immediate perception was veiled in the depth of the score. While the Dancer on a Tightrope is a very visual, graphic score, the Sonatas and Interludes are almost exceptional in its standard notation- almost. There is the small issue of the piano being "prepared"- or inserting nuts, bolts, and other foreign objects in between the strings of a piano- quite literally.
This film explores the artists developing alongside the works- an experiment in time, ideas, and music.

To view this project, please visit our featured page. We will be posting a new segment from this project weekly on our website and Youtube page.

Origins: aTonalHits plays New Music

Coming to you on January 1, 2015

On this album, we wanted to bring new music that was written specifically for us to new audiences- the Origins of these works have been placed into our hands. We are honored to breathe life into such compelling music. Thank you again to our brilliant composers: Kenichi Ikuno, Gleb Kanasevich, Ruud Roelofsen, Eugene Birman