Toogo's Goes Home for Violin

"Toogo Goes Home" for Violin is here!

After completing "Toogo's Adventures on Earth", this book is the next logical step in approaching the violin.

In "Toogo Goes Home" the student will learn many new techniques and styles in violin playing.  From the Baroque to the Romantic styles, and onward to fiddling and pop-inspired pieces, this book includes genres from across the centuries.

The Violin Part contains beautiful illustrations, depicting the exciting adventure of Toogo in his quest to return to his home planet.


The piano part for "Toogo Goes Home" for Violin is sold separately. It is crucial for these pieces to be performed with the piano, as it gives the music an entirely new dimension.    As music students, it is of the utmost importance to learn how to play with other instruments.  This book is meant as a set of miniature duos, as opposed to violin with piano accompaniment.  The addition of the piano as an equal member in the music-making creates a more fun and exciting experience for the student.

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